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UPDATE: LifeDojo now offers a free 7-day trial, so anyone can experience one of the 30+ programs through the app. Fitness? Food? Stress? Happiness? You decide. Get started today. LifeDojo is the #1 app for creating healthy habits that stick. With 30+ habit goals to choose from, and 100+ expert, supportive coaches around the world ready to help support your goal, LifeDojo will quickly become your go-to home for all things self-care and self-improvement. Habit program choices include: Learn Meditation * Cut Sugar * Better Sleep * Weight Training * Better Friendships * Running * Learn Yoga * Gratitude Journaling * Cook at Home * DeepBreathing * Drink More Water * Biking * Eat Whole Foods * Generosity * Cycling *Better Relationship * Walking * Passion Projects * Mindfulness and more! LifeDojo's content was co-created alongside experts from Stanford, Harvard, UPenn and Columbia University. LifeDojo is recommended by top psychologists, therapists, physiologists, nutritionists and mental health experts for its supportive yet scientifically rigorous approach to permanent behavior change. LifeDojo's program includes many features to help you with your goals, including: * Live 15-minute calls with your coach (if you choose) to fit your new goal into your life. * Unlimited in-app messaging (if you choose) with both the coach and other users. * Over 5,000 unique pieces of content on your goal and the science of behavior change. * Track your progress on your goal, see your stats, and journal about your experiences. * Each week of your 12-week customized program is different, so stick with it to the end! Until March 2020, LifeDojo was only available to a select group of the world’s most well-known tech employers as a premium health benefit offered to employees. Starting March 1st, 2020, LifeDojo was made available to any person looking to improve their physical, mental and emotional health, one habit at a time. LifeDojo is the answer to the diets, fads, and digital-only apps out there that promise life-changing results without the personalized, week-by-week adjustments needed to make a new lifestyle goal stick after the first few days of excitement are past. Simply tell LifeDojo what your goal is, choose the coach you want to work with, pick how often you think you can fit your new lifestyle goal into your life, and LifeDojo will automatically customize a 12-week program just for you. We look forward to meeting you!
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